Beginners Course

The OSI Orientering holds a beginners course in orienteering each fall and spring. This is open to all, and free of charge for students if you are a member of OSI orienteering. Non-students can attend the course for a fee of NOK 350, but are unfortunately not able to join the club due to stricter rules for the number of non-student members of the OSI organization.

The course consists of 2 evenings of approx. 1.5-2 hours, and ends with BBQ the last night. The first day is learning basic skills and running short courses, the second day is a little longer course with electronic timing system that ends with BBQ.

The course of autumn 2017 will be held at:

Monday September 4th 18:00 o’clock at Sognsvann Metro Station
Wednesday September 6th from 16:30-18 o’clock
at Langsetløkka

What do I need to do?
– Fill out the attendance form below.
– The course is outdoors, so put on training clothes according to the weather, and shoes that can handle some dirt.
Students: Become a member of OSI Orientering, you´ll find a guide here.
Non-students: Bring NOK 350 at the first night for the course fee.

Unanswered questions? Please make contact with us.



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