We have one collective training every Monday, usually at 18 pm. These trainings variate from being just running to map- or compass-training, most often a combination. Here you can find an overview of time, place and the person in charge of the training.

Practice races

OSI cooperate with IL GeoForm in arranging practice races every Wednesday from April to December. These are informal races which cost 30 kroner to attend if you are member of OSI Orienteering, and are held in different locations around Oslo. Here you will find an overview.


In orienteering, the courses are set in different degree of difficulty, and everyone participate at different levels according to their orienteering skills. Usually there is an A, B and C course with falling difficulty.

We usually decide for some races which we prioritize during the season, and try to make most people join these. Some of our members participate in a lot of races, and some only join the practice  races.

If you would like to compete in a race, you will need to make a registration at the site Eventor. Here you can find an overview of all the races held in Norway, and sign up for they you would like to run. As a student member of OSI, you will get the race fee sponsored by the club.

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